Corporate Charitable Support Program

“Investing in Relationships” Campaign

As a small business, Family Affair strives to give back to our community any way we can. Being a small business can make this challenging as we are unable to make the same large monetary contributions that many larger companies are able to make. Out of this dilemma came a program that we developed that will enable us to still support many charities that we feel are great organizations and still be able to “stay in business” ourselves.

Here are the different aspects of our program:

1) When the charity organization orders directly from Family Affair for any of their promotional product needs, Family Affair will donate 10% of the base order back to the organization. Set up fees, run charges, proof and typesetting charges, shipping charges and the like will not be included in the 10%…only the gross cost of the actual items.

2) If any organization has corporate company sponsors who need to purchase promotional products for their own company, and they order through Family Affair, that corporate company can ask that 10% of their base order be donated, on their behalf, by Family Affair to the charity organization. (Same restrictions apply from #1)

3) Family Affair, will on occasion, consider sponsoring events with partnering charities based on available budget and proper fit. In these situations, in lieu of donating 10% back to the organization, Family Affair will split the costs 50/50 for the right to have the Family Affair logo and website on the product along with the charity’s brand. The program is truly a win-win for all parties involved.

The benefits are:

1) The Charity has a consistent ability to receive donations all year round from either Family Affair or a corporate sponsor who allocates the donation from their order with Family Affair to the said charity.

2) Corporate sponsors get to support their charity without having to “cut” another check for a donation.

3) Corporate sponsors get to support their charity and are NOT purchasing something they do not need in order to do that.

4) Charity does not have to pay anything to begin or implement this program other than time spent “getting the word out” to increase their chances of higher amounts of donations.