Charitable Support Program

Support Your Favorite Charities through Promotional Marketing


The team at Family Affair loves to support our local and national charities. To allow us to do this philanthropic work, we have developed a unique program that allows us to help these organizations on multiple levels as outlined in the pdf flyer on this page.

Also, if you are purchasing anything from Family Affair and would like 10% of your orders, within the guidelines of the Charitable Support Program, to be donated to any charity organization partners you recommend, suggest or see on this page, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will be more than happy to donate on your behalf. The Charity you choose will be notified of your charitable contribution to their cause.

Investing in Relationships Campaign

As a small business, Family Affair strives to give back to our community any way we can. Being a small business can make this challenging as we are unable to make the same large monetary contributions that many larger companies are able to make. Out of this dilemma came a program that we developed that will enable us to still support many charities that we feel are great organizations and still be able to "stay in business" ourselves.


Download Charitable Support Program PDF


View Charitable Support Flyer Online


Partner Charities Making a Difference


Please note that if you would like to recommend a charity that you feel would benefit from working with us feel free to contact us so that we can get more information about the proposed charity.